Suzie was my midwife for my 5th child and our 3rd homebirth. At that time we were overseas in Hong Kong.  (more…)


Suzie has been amazingly helpful and indispensable in my last homebirth experience.



Most men feel excitement and anxiety in equal measure when it comes to the prospect of child birth. That is, until your partner tells you she wants a home birth. (more…)

Nav & Chris

“Suzie Campana, the traveling midwife, TwoStones Midwifery, assisted with the birth of my second child in the jungle of Costa Rica on my remote farm.



I met Suzie when she was working the front office and completing her apprenticeship at a birth center in SC.  She sat in on a couple of my prenatal appointments and attended my best friends home birth and was so amazingly calm, informative and supportive during that beautiful, incredible birth.