My wife Lana and I met Suzie late in our pregnancy journey but we immediately bonded with her and she instilled a great deal in confidence with her approach to pregnancy and the delivery.   This was our first home birth so we were obviously nervous but she ushered us through the experience with great skill, care and empathy.  We strongly recommend Suzie and will be forever grateful for her coming into our lives.

Joe and Lana

Joe and Lana

Having moved to Boise half way through my pregnancy and in the midst of the pandemic, I was blessed to find Suzie as my midwife. Even before we met, her easy and capable manner over the phone made me knew she would be a wonderful fit for my pregnancy.  She was always prompt and professional, yet I felt like we were old friends from the beginning. She assisted me with my fourth birth (second home birth). While it was my hardest labor due to the positioning of the baby, she labored with me the whole time and was able to flip* the baby in my womb, saving me from a cesarean in the hospital. My postpartum recovery was also difficult, and Suzie checked in on me daily and by phone. She was able to refer me to the care I needed when my complications required medical intervention, and supported me every step of the way. Her wealth of knowledge is beyond that of any doctor I’ve ever been to. She could pinpoint issues and suggest remedies for concerns that have been a mystery to other medical professionals. I couldn’t have been in better care! Her skills at midwifery are only rivaled by her complete compassion and love that she gives to her clients. It was a privilege to work with her and to now call her my friend.

*Sandra’s baby was in a posterior position, sometimes referred to as ‘sunny side up’. We worked with Sandra during labor with techniques and movements to help encourage her baby to rotate to the more favorable anterior position.

Sandra B

Our family moved to Idaho early 2020 while I was 21 weeks pregnant. Suzie was referred to me and I am so grateful for that referral. From our first meeting I knew she would be the midwife we needed in our journey to bring our fourth baby into this world. Being pregnant has its own set of considerations that need attention but we were also throwing in moving across the county halfway through a pregnancy and, as it turned out, into COVID-19.

Throughout my pregnancy in Idaho, Suzie was caring, knowledgable, personable and a great comfort. With every visit, Suzie paid close attention to not only my physical wellness and the baby’s health but my mental and emotional state during a very stressful and confusing time for everyone. There was no doubt she cared for me as a whole person. She was very good at reading me and knowing what I needed, whether it was words of encouragement, words of wisdom or a listening ear. And I knew she was always a quick text away if I needed anything outside of our scheduled appointments.

During our very first meeting, she asked what kind of support I was looking for from a midwife during delivery. I said I needed someone ‘in the wings’ so to speak. To let me labor with my husband but to be ready and jump in if she saw me struggling. She granted my wish beautifully and perfectly. She let me labor with my husband and could tell simply by my tones during contractions that she was needed to come in and be ready for the delivery. When I was struggling to control my final pushes, her calm tone and intentional words helped me give the final push I needed to bring our baby girl into the world.

She constantly proved her expertise by her honest, confident, calm and compassionate way of working through complications. When my water broke without contractions, she was relaxed and clear about how we would proceed. When meconium showed up, she did not become anxious and cause me to have unnecessary fear. She simply and skillfully helped get labor going, all while setting such a comforting environment I was laughing during our process at 2:00 in the morning. When our baby was slow to let out a full cry, she took the necessary progressive steps to help without causing me to freak out; her words comforting and reassuring me the entire time.

We were so blessed to have Suzie be part of our home birth experience. I thoroughly enjoyed my care from Suzie from beginning to end and I would whole heartily recommend her to anyone planning on a home birth.


I first met Suzie at the Nampa Flying M. She answered all my questions and concerns about having a birth at home, she was super knowledgeable and helpful. Throughout my pregnancy she was very supportive and gave me a lot of material to read and to educate myself on an at home birth. I was nervous since I had a traumatic experience with my first. She was sensitive to my concerns and helped me to try and work through them. When the time came she showed up with her student and we went through the process of trying to have a baby at home. Even though we ended up transferring to the hospital she stayed and helped me give birth to my baby. I think she actually half delivered the baby because he came out fairly quickly, and the delivering doctor wasn’t there yet… I’m glad to have had her as my midwife. 


Suzie was my midwife for my 5th child and our 3rd homebirth. At that time we were overseas in Hong Kong.  (more…)


Suzie has been amazingly helpful and indispensable in my last homebirth experience.



Most men feel excitement and anxiety in equal measure when it comes to the prospect of child birth. That is, until your partner tells you she wants a home birth. (more…)

Nav & Chris

“Suzie Campana, the traveling midwife, TwoStones Midwifery, assisted with the birth of my second child in the jungle of Costa Rica on my remote farm.



I met Suzie when she was working the front office and completing her apprenticeship at a birth center in SC.  She sat in on a couple of my prenatal appointments and attended my best friends home birth and was so amazingly calm, informative and supportive during that beautiful, incredible birth.