I met Suzie when she was working the front office and completing her apprenticeship at a birth center in SC.  She sat in on a couple of my prenatal appointments and attended my best friends home birth and was so amazingly calm, informative and supportive during that beautiful, incredible birth.

Fast forward to 10 days past my due date when my labor began. I called my midwife, she was at her second birth in 24 hours, she told me to stay home, let contractions happen, move around, come to the center when contractions were so close and strong I couldn’t speak through them. About 13 hours later, I called to let them know I was coming. When I arrived, Suzie was closing up shop after a lonnnggg day. My midwife informed me she wasn’t going to be there for a while as she was still assisting at another birth. I was then introduced to the midwife on call… she is a great lady, but I had never met her and I got scared. This was just like what happens at a standard practice! My contractions basically stopped. I was told to go home. I lived an hour away so I begged to stay and get contractions going again.

Suzie came to say goodbye and wish us well and I started bawling. I knew I couldn’t do it without her. I felt alone (I wasn’t, but, HORMONES) and I was convinced that only Suzie could get me through this. I could tell she was exhausted, she could tell I was terrified. She asked if I minded if she went home and showered and ate, then she promised to come back and be with me. I agreed! She held to her promise and stayed by my side the entire time. My rockstar midwife came a few hours later and she couldn’t have been more thankful for Suzie, either! I truly believe that Suzie kept me sane and focused and allowed me to achieve my goal of a beautiful waterbirth. Suzie is the type person who is smart, strong, supportive, caring, honest and funny! To me, that is what makes the perfect midwife.

Nora  (Ever – July 16, 2013)