Home Birth

Choosing a home birth with an independent midwife helps ensure you will have a dedicated midwife available throughout your maternal year. Most antenatal and postnatal visits are done in your home where you’re most comfortable. Your care is individualized and there is plenty of time to talk and answer questions or concerns; a typical visit lasts an hour and sometimes longer.

The hallmarks of midwifery care lies in the preventative and relational approach.


TwoStones Midwifery was founded on the belief that pregnancy, labor, birth and the postnatal seasons are naturally occurring events in a woman’s life cycle. Supporting women during their maternal year with compassionate and skilled care helps ensure the health and well being of both mother and baby.





Suzie has been amazingly helpful and indispensable in my last homebirth experience.



I met Suzie when she was working the front office and completing her apprenticeship at a birth center in SC.  She sat in on a couple of my prenatal appointments and attended my best friends home birth and was so amazingly calm, informative and supportive during that beautiful, incredible birth.



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