Suzie was my midwife for my 5th child and our 3rd homebirth. At that time we were overseas in Hong Kong. 

When I spoke with Suzie via Skype, I loved the fact that she was very thorough and detailed. She was very knowledgeable and also very patient with my questions. Throughout my pregnancy, I was able to ask her questions and she was able to answer me very quickly even though we had about a 12 hour time difference.

During the pregnancy, we continued to keep in touch via email and skype. I would update her with my progress with my local medical check ups. I remember my blood sugar level was on the higher end and I was feeling quite sluggish even after 2nd trimester. Suzie was able to help me change my diet and I had more energy throughout the pregnancy.

When Suzie arrived a few days before the delivery she was extremely easy going and was able to fit into our family routine immediately. The kids loved her!

On the day of the delivery, I started my contractions early in the morning. Suzie and I agreed to just have me spend some time with my own family since my contractions were really light. We didn’t call for our doula until 8pm that night. But the contractions were still really slow. I started to get really impatient because I really wanted the baby to come out while the kids are asleep.

Exhaustion, impatience, and pain started to get to me. But throughout the whole time, Suzie and the doula were extremely patient with me. They stayed with me and were doing everything they can to make me as comfortable as I can. Minutes seem like hours. When the baby finally came out, I had bled quite a bit. But I can see that Suzie was completely calm and was able to stop me from bleeding more. It was a blessing because it saved us a trip to the hospital!

My favorite part was the recovery stage. Not only Suzie was able to help me and the baby, she was also helping me take care of my family. I have to say this was my hardest delivery. But I recovered really fast and realized Suzie showed me a lot of things which I didn’t do with the previous postpartum recoveries.

I love the fact that Suzie is so passionate in what she does. She is truly amazing!