Nav & Chris

Most men feel excitement and anxiety in equal measure when it comes to the prospect of child birth. That is, until your partner tells you she wants a home birth.

Then your head becomes stuffed full of the “what ifs”. All of my “what ifs” were answered when Nav introduced me to Suzie. She put my mind at ease before she arrived in Hong Kong, and she kept me in a relaxed, positive mindset leading up to our special day. Nav wanted a natural, serene and memorable experience in our own private space – a personal birthing without the formalities of a hospital. We got more than that. We were gifted with the most memorable experience of our lives. Suzie is an incredibly confident, experienced, professional, and – importantly – empathetic midwife. It was so impressive to see her work. Not only did she help Nav through a peaceful and comfortable birth, she showed great respect for a father’s role during the birthing moments. We are both forever grateful for the day she gave us, and the life she helped bring into this world. In us – me, Nav, Tiko and Alfie – she has friends for life.



When I shared my dreams of a completely natural and serene birth, Suzie understood exactly what I wanted and more importantly what I needed. My desire to be at one with myself emotionally, spiritually & physically, whilst remaining in full control, was so important. From the first contact with Suzie, she was compassionate and informative as we talked through every aspect of the birth. I had received a lot of discouragement from others who believed home birth was a bad idea, but she made me feel so confident and my heart was set on it.  Suzie was extremely professional and completely respectful of our space during the birth. I felt so connected with Chris and together we felt safe knowing she was there to support us. I was so thankful not be confined to hospital rules or be threatened by medical interventions, alternatively Suzie would offer sound advice to make the experience smooth and peaceful. When our son Alfie was born, I couldn’t believe how amazing the experience was, it was like having the spa treatment of births, don’t get me wrong it was still intense and painful.

It’s had profound impact on my speed to recover and our baby being born with no drugs or external chaos remains well natured, calm and content.

As Suzie taught me “Giving birth is every woman’s sacred rite” She’s been truly inspirational.