Sandra B

Having moved to Boise half way through my pregnancy and in the midst of the pandemic, I was blessed to find Suzie as my midwife. Even before we met, her easy and capable manner over the phone made me knew she would be a wonderful fit for my pregnancy.  She was always prompt and professional, yet I felt like we were old friends from the beginning. She assisted me with my fourth birth (second home birth). While it was my hardest labor due to the positioning of the baby, she labored with me the whole time and was able to flip* the baby in my womb, saving me from a cesarean in the hospital. My postpartum recovery was also difficult, and Suzie checked in on me daily and by phone. She was able to refer me to the care I needed when my complications required medical intervention, and supported me every step of the way. Her wealth of knowledge is beyond that of any doctor I’ve ever been to. She could pinpoint issues and suggest remedies for concerns that have been a mystery to other medical professionals. I couldn’t have been in better care! Her skills at midwifery are only rivaled by her complete compassion and love that she gives to her clients. It was a privilege to work with her and to now call her my friend.

*Sandra’s baby was in a posterior position, sometimes referred to as ‘sunny side up’. We worked with Sandra during labor with techniques and movements to help encourage her baby to rotate to the more favorable anterior position.